The Move Me Control Center

For Advanced Users

Most users will want to use Move Me's standard, wizard interface to whisk through the migration process with just a few mouse clicks, but technically savvy users (such as network administrators) may prefer to use the Move Me Control Center which offers greater control over the migration process.

In order to successfully transfer programs, settings, and data files from one PC to another, the migration utility must know what to move from the old computer to the new one. Move Me compares the contents of the two computers, then uses an extensive set of "rules" to figure out what to move and what (if any) changes need to be made to a file or setting when it gets to its new home on the new PC.

Move Me's default rules are sufficient to handle most situations. If you have special migration needs, however, you can use the Control Center to explore the log files created by Move Me. These logs tell you exactly what is moved during a migration. Based on this information, you can create custom rules that allow you to tailor the migration for your unique situation.

There is no extra charge for the Control Center, the Rule Set Editor, and their accompanying documentation. These components are installed automatically when you install Move Me on your computer.

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