Move Me FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q. Do I need Internet access to use Move Me?

During your migration, you  must be able to access the Internet in order to communicate with our web site and possibly our e-commerce partner.  This Internet communication can take place on any computer -- your old computer, your new computer, or even a third computer -- as long as you are running Move Me version 2.2 or later.  The Internet connection can be closed as soon as the purchase and serial number validation steps are completed, which usually take just a minute or two.

If you have Internet access on the old computer, simply follow the instructions on Move Me's wizard screens to purchase a migration (if you have not already done so) or enter a valid serial number (if you have already purchased a migration). Move Me validates your serial number and then proceeds with the transfer.

If your old computer cannot access the Internet, you can purchase a migration (if you have not already done so) and validate your serial number by accessing our activation web site from some other computer.  You can perform this step on your new computer or on a third computer, even if that computer is in another location.

Click here for more information about using the Move Me Validator if you do not have Internet access on your old computer.

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Q. Do my computers need to be connected via a network?

The fastest way to migrate your files and settings from your old computer to your system is over a network, but other methods are also available. If you are not sure which transfer method is best for your situation, see Selecting the Best Transfer Method For Move Me.

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Q. How can I be sure that my old computer can communicate with my new computer?

If your computers are not currently connected to a network, Move Me offers numerous alternative methods for transferring your data.  Connecting computers via their parallel or USB ports is simple, straightforward, and almost always accomplished without difficulty.  In addition, files can be migrated using various types of removable media. One of these methods will work for almost all computer users. 

You can, however, try Move Me without cost or obligation.  Download the program and install it on both computers to learn how much data will be migrated.  In the process, you can verify that your computers are able to communicate with each other.

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Q. Which transfer method should I use?

If you are not sure which transfer method is best for your situation, see Selecting the Best Transfer Method For Move Me.

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Q. How can I get Move Me onto both of my computers?

If the computers can talk to each other over a network, you can download the software to one computer and then transfer it to the other over the network.

If the computers are not on a network but but both have access to the Internet, you can download the software from our Web site twice (once to each computer).

If only one computer has Internet access, you can copy Move Me from one computer to the other using removable media such as floppy disks, Zip drives or CDs, providing both PCs can read that type of media.  (Move Me can be purchased on CD from our online store.)

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Q.   During my migration, the transfer stops and the following message displays: “Parallel Port Error:  Unrecoverable data error on parallel port”. What causes this error and how do I fix it?

This error can occur during a parallel port migration if you are using Move Me version 2.51 or earlier. The problem should not occur with version 2.52 or later

If you experience this error, download the most recent version of Move Me, install it on both computers, and re-start the migration.  (NOTE:  Files and settings that have already been transferred will not be copied a second time; therefore, this second migration should take less time to complete than the first one.)

If you experience this error while using Move Me 2.52 or later, click here for more information.

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Q.  What exactly does Move Me move?  Will it overwrite my new operating system?  What about temporary files in my Recycle Bin or Internet Explorer cache?

We understand your concern that your new computer's operating system might be altered and your new hard drive cluttered with junk files you don't need or want.  We have taken great care to bring you a product that copies all of your programs and files to your new computer without damaging its pre-installed software.

During a migration Move Me compares the files and settings on your two computers.  Most files and settings on the old computer that do not exist on the new computer are moved.  Move Me includes "rules", however, that tell it not to move certain files.  Exceptions include temporary files such as those in your Recycle Bin and Web browser's cache as well as various system files that are not required or desired on the new system. 

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Q. Can Move Me migrate my files from one bootable partition to another on the same computer?

Yes, Move Me can migrate from one bootable partition to another on the same computer using the file transfer method of data transfer, provided that the moving van file(s) can be stored on a drive that is accessible to both bootable partitions. For more information, see Migrating Between Partitions on a Multi-Boot System.

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Q.  I want to install a new hard drive in my computer. Can Move Me migrate my data from the old hard drive to the new one if they are both installed in the same computer?

Move Me was created to help computer users migrate their programs and files from one computer to another.  It can, however, be used to migrate between two hard drives installed in the same computer if you are willing to switch cables back and forth a few times.  For detailed instructions, see Migrating to a New Hard Drive.

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Q. Is there anything I can do to make the migration to my new computer go faster?

The transfer method you use is an important factor in determining how long your migration will take. The fastest way to move your data is over a network, but other methods can be used.  See "Do my computers need to be connected via a network?" above.

Another factor is the amount of data you move.  Most of the programs, data files, and Registry settings on your old computer that do not currently exist on your new computer are transferred to the new system during the upgrade process. Before you fill the Move Me moving van with your old files, you may want to do some "spring cleaning" on your old computer's hard drive.

Just as you might clean out your closets before packing up and moving to a new home, you can avoid moving unnecessary "junk" to your new computer by deleting old programs and files you no longer use from the old system. Besides saving hard drive space on the new computer, your upgrade will complete more quickly if you are transferring less data.

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Q. How can I remove unnecessary files from my old computer before I use Move Me to move my data to another computer?

The Add/Remove Programs feature of Windows is an easy way to eliminate unused applications. To access this feature, click Start, Settings, and Control Panel, then double-click Add/Remove Programs.

You can also purchase a third-party product for removing unnecessary files from your hard drive.

Laplink PCmover has application selectivity, which lets you choose which programs to migrate to your new PC. More Details »

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Q. Can anything bad happen when I use Move Me?

During the migration process no changes are made to the old computer and so there is no chance that anything bad will happen to it as a result of the migration.

The only steps in the Move Me upgrade process which could potentially, under the rarest of circumstances, result in the loss of data on your new computer system are unloading the moving van and undoing the unload, which involve copying or deleting files and Registry settings on your new computer. Prior to unloading the moving van on your new computer, all you are doing is evaluating the files and settings on your old computer and creating files to be used during these two steps.

Although it is highly unlikely that a problem will occur during the migration, you always have the option of performing an "Undo the Unload" on the new computer if you are unhappy with the result for any reason. When you undo the move, the new computer is returned to its pre-upgrade state.

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Q. Should I back up the data on my new computer before I use Move Me?

It is highly unlikely that Move Me would result in any loss of data on your new computer. However, before you make changes to a computer system using Move Me or any other utility program, you should always make sure that you can return the system to its previous state if a problem should arise.

Many new computers include a CD-ROM disk that allows you to easily restore the factory-installed software on the hard disk (including the Windows operating system and all applications) in a single step. Without such a disk, restoration is a more time consuming process, involving the reinstallation of the operating system and applications from original CDs or diskettes.

If you are upgrading a new computer that does not include such a Restore or Recovery CD, we recommend that you back up the data on the computer's hard drive before proceeding to save time in the event of a problem.

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Q. Does Move Me remove or change the files on my old computer?

No, Move Me does not delete or alter the files on your old computer. It simply copies files and settings from that PC to the new one, leaving the old computer "as is".  Although you should always make regular back-ups of valuable data on your hard drive, the information on your old computer is not in any way endangered by Move Me's migration process.

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Q. Will all of my old programs work on my new computer if I copy them with Move Me?

The vast majority of your existing programs should work perfectly after you transfer their files and Registry settings to your new computer with Move Me. In some cases, however, a program may need to be re-installed on the new computer.

  • When a change in operating system is involved, one or more drivers required by the new operating system may not be transferred from the old computer.  (The reason for this is simple:  the drivers were never installed on the old system because that operating system did not require them.)
  • Some system utilities (e.g. certain anti-virus programs) may need to be re-installed after the migration because system drivers used by the program are not transferred.
  • A small number of software programs use a form of copy protection in which the application verifies at start-up that it is running on the same computer on which it was initially installed. When such programs are copied to a new computer, they will, by design, refuse to run and must be re-installed on the new computer.
  • If you are upgrading from one operating system to another, each program that is copied to the new computer must be compatible with the new operating system. Some older DOS and Windows programs, for instance, are not compatible with Windows XP. Such programs will not run on a Windows XP system whether they are installed from scratch or copied over with a migration application such as Move Me.

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Q. Can Move Me migrate multiple users to a new PC?

Yes. It is not uncommon for several individuals in a family or business to use a single computer, with individual user profiles set up on the computer for each person. It is a simple matter to migrate multiple users to a new PC.

First, one of the user logs into both computers and performs a migration. (It does not matter which user goes first.) When that migration completes, the next user logs into both computers and performs a migration. The process is repeated until all of the users have migrated their personal files and settings to the new PC.

Subsequent migrations take much less time than the first migration since most of the applications on the old computer have already been moved. There is no additional charge when you perform multiple migrations between the same two computers.

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Q. Windows XP upgraded with Service Pack 2 (SP2) displays a Security Alert when I run Move Me. What should I do?

When you run Move Me on a computer that has been upgraded with Windows XP Service Pack 2, the following Security Alert dialog box appears:

Windows XP SP2 includes enhanced firewall protection which is intended to prevent a virus or worm from taking control of or damaging your computer. 

If you see this alert, you can safely unblock Move Me (by clicking the Unblock button) and continue with your migration.

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Q. How does Move Me's pay-per-use cost structure work?

Move Me can be downloaded from our web site or from various Internet download web sites without cost or obligation. Just install and run the software on both computers to learn how much data Move Me can transfer to your new system.

If you decide to proceed with the migration, use your credit card to pay the migration fee and complete the transfer.

In the event you should need to perform the migration again at a later date, simple run the software again. The transfer fee also covers any future migrations from the old computer.

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Q. Why should I use Move Me instead of XP's "Files and Settings Transfer Wizard"?

The Files and Settings Transfer Wizard included with Windows XP can transfer certain Windows settings from your old computer to the new one (including your personalized Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, desktop, display, and dial-up connection settings) and your data files. Move Me can transfer all of your Windows settings, all of your data files, plus all of your applications.

Imagine how long it would take to re-install all the software you use on your old computer -- assuming you can even find all those CDs, serial numbers, and files you've downloaded to your hard drive over the years! Move Me can save you hours (or even days) of work by transferring all of your settings, data files, and applications.

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Q. Move Me resembles a product called "PC Upgrade Commander" from a company called V Communications. Are they the same product?

PC Upgrade Commander was written by Spearit Software and licensed to V Communications in April 2001. Spearit Software has released an updated, pay-per-use version of the software under the name Move Me.

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Q. Do you offer discounts for multiple migrations?

Yes, we do offer discounts for users who purchase multiple migrations. We also offer Move Me Integrator Edition, a 20 migration package for computer "integrators" (resellers, consultants, and technicians who use Move Me to migrate customers' data to their new PCs) and Move Me Enterprise Edition (with 20, 100, or 500 migrations) for use in a corporate environment.   

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Q. May I give copies of Move Me to my friends and family members?

Yes. You may give copies of the pay-per-use version of Move Me to anyone you like or even make Move Me available for download over the Internet.  If someone you give the software to decides to perform a migration, he or she will, of course, need to pay the migration fee.  For further information on distributing Move Me, refer to the license agreement included with the software.

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