About Move Me Integrator Edition


While Move Me Personal Edition is intended for individuals who need to move from one personally owned computer to another, the Integrator Edition was created for computer solution providers who assist others with their computing needs. 

If you are a system integrator, consultant, or technician who recommends, purchases, configures, repairs, or updates computer systems for other people, Move Me can help you provide your clients with a quick, smooth transition when it is time to upgrade to a new computer.

Without Move Me, you can spend hours (or even days) searching your client's old hard drive for important data and then reinstalling his old software.  Perhaps you instead opt for the "quick and dirty" method of migration -- copying the contents of the hard drive to a sub-directory on the new PC and letting the user sort through the mess.  Or maybe you avoid the situation entirely by not providing much-needed migration services to your clients.

With Move Me, upgrading your clients is quick, easy, and inexpensive.  Best of all, you end up with a happy client who can sit down at his or her new computer and be productive immediately.  Your clients will be clamoring for newer, faster computer systems once they learn they can avoid the nightmare of configuring that new computer.


Move Me Integrator Edition includes the same functionality as Move Me Personal Edition, with both a wizard-driven interface and the customizable Control Center.  In addition, the Integrator Edition offers the following features:

  • Includes a license for 20 migrations.  (Easily purchase additional licenses online.)
  • Save 40% over the single migration price.
  • Free CD with serial number included.  (Serial number automatically filled in during each migration.)
  • Instant usage notification via email. (Lists the migration performed, name of computer that was migrated, and number of licenses remaining.)
  • Priority update notification via email.  (Announcement of each new release and details of changes made to the software.)
  • Control upgrade costs by locking in today's prices. Pre-purchased licenses never expire and you can always download the latest version of the software at no additional cost.


*Price of Integrator Eval is fully refundable with your first 20 unit or larger purchase.  Eval version does not include free CD.

You can also download the Integrator Eval and use Move Me's integrated e-commerce component to pay for a migration when you are ready to transfer your data.