What Our Users Say About Move Me

Unsolicited Emails

"Move Me perfectly migrated my old system to a new one and that is a really BIG feat, considering the multitude of preferences, dongled software, desktop profiles, custom software, etc.  I thank you so much for offering this service at a reasonable cost.  It saved me at least 2 days of production time I would otherwise have spent on re-installing all the different apps."
                              Danny Braet
                              The Syndicate - Computer Cafe

"Excellent setup of programs on the new computer.  What a savings in time!!!"
                              Gordon Shumard

"The process is very simple and the price cannot be beat.  This little gem is highly recommended."
                              Michael O'Donnell

"I used the Control Center and created some rules that I needed and did the migration.  To say the least I am in AWE.  It migrated all my apps, which is all the MS App suite, plus Lotus Notes, Symantec Ghost Control Center, Winzip, Adobe Acrobat Reader, admin tools for Windows, IBM Personal Communications and a host of others.  Not one error!"
                              Dan Panici (MSCA, CNE, CCA)

"Purchased and used your Move Me Personal Edition to transfer files and programs from my old computer to a new one.  I was skeptical about it working, but I was amazed by its performance.  All my important, security protected user files and configurations work perfectly on the new system.  With very minor tweaking, everything is up and running.  Your software saved me hours and no headache.  Love it!"
                              Vera Ambrosio

"Great program and saved a lot of time.  I am grateful for your insights to fill a need."
                              Ken Hansen

"I would like to thank you again for developing such a wonderful product and in helping me to utilize it.  Am actively recommending the product to other I.T. colleagues."
                              Roman Pendzey

"Move Me performed far above my expectations.  The process which took maybe 2 hours total to complete actually saved me many, many hours (no, probably days) ... It works great and the support was most appreciated."
                              Paul Stokinger

"What a wonderful program.  All programs are working.  My friend said that is a miracle considering the job."
                              Linda Hawthorne
                              Independent Paralegal
                              "A Legal Document Service"

"The only program I found for such a great price that not only moved settings and files, but the programs that were on my old computer. It would have been a nightmare tring to find all those license numbers for the programs I downloaded from the web. Great product."
                              Paul Jackson