Migrating with a USB File Transfer Cable

Alternative to The Network Transfer Method

If your computers are not on a network but both of the computers do have USB ports, the best method for performing a migration is to use a USB file transfer cable.

A USB file transfer is very simple. When you install Move Me on each computer, the necessary USB driver is installed automatically.  Then just connect the appropriate cable to the USB port on each computer, run Move Me on both computers, and select USB Transfer as your migration method.

Currently, the USB file transfer method can only be used with our Laplink® USB 1.1 File Transfer Cable OR Laplink USB 2.0 File Transfer Cable (made by Laplink Software, Inc.)  You can purchase either of these cables from our online store.  Other USB cables will not work with Move Me. 

In order to benefit from the increased speed of USB 2.0, both computers must be equipped with a USB 2.0 port.  If one or both of your computers is equipped with a slower USB 1.1 port, you can perform your migration with a 1.1 or 2.0 cable, but your data will be transferred at the slower 1.1 speed.  Unless you have a USB 2.0 port on each computer, you can save money by purchasing a USB 1.1 cable.

Click here to purchase a USB 1.1 cable (separately) or a USB 1.1 package with a migration and CD

Click here to purchase a USB 2.0 cable (separately) or a USB 2.0 package with a migration and CD.

You can also purchase a cable directly from Laplink.

The Move Me USB Package includes a LaplinkŪ USB File Transfer Cable, a copy of Move Me on CD, and a single migration license.  The USB 1.1 Package includes a USB 1.1 cable.  The USB 2.0 package includes a USB 2.0 cable.