About StartUp This


Startup This is a utility for managing the programs that load automatically when you start up Microsoft Windows.

You may be familiar with the programs contained in your Windows Startup Group. When a shortcut to an application is copied to this special folder, the application runs each time Windows starts up. By placing frequently used programs in your Startup Group, they become available to you each time you use the computer, with no effort on your part.

You may not realize, however, that your Windows Registry also contains instructions for loading programs. In fact, you would probably be surprised at the number of programs running on your computer at all times. Each of those programs uses precious memory and resources, but some provide questionable benefit to your computing experience.

With StartUp This you can easily keep tabs on the programs that are loaded during startup.

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Why StartUp This Is Included with Move Me

Many of the programs that run automatically when you start Windows relate to hardware that exists on your computer. For instance, you may be loading applications during startup that allow your Zip drive or DVD drive to function properly on your computer. Such programs may not be needed on the new PC.

You might also be running software that allows you to obtain support from the computer's manufacturer or conflicts with pre-installed software on the new PC. Once you migrate to a new computer, you will no longer want those applications to run automatically.

StartUp This helps you fine-tune your new computer by showing you the programs that are configured to load and providing you with the information you need to decide if you need them.

  1. Startup This is installed along with Move Me. The first time you reboot your new computer after you migrate your files and settings with Move Me, StartUp This runs automatically.
  2. During this initial run, a message is displayed indicating that all of the startup programs from your old computer have been disabled.
  3. Using the simple StartUp This interface, you can review the programs listed in its categories and determine which ones should be enabled for use on your new computer.


Enable and disable programs or even remove them from your Startup group or Registry altogether.

Details (such as the location of the file on your hard drive) help you figure out what a program is and decide if you need or want it running on your computer.  This feature is useful for programs that are not easily identifiable by name.

Run programs from within StartUp This.  No need to reboot!