About Parallel File Transfer Cables

When To Use a Parallel File Transfer cable

We strongly recommend that you perform your migration over a network or a Laplink USB file transfer cable if at all possible, as these methods are so much faster than the parallel port method. 

If these methods are not available to you, you can transfer your programs, data files, and settings from one computer to another is by using a parallel file transfer cable connected to the parallel ports of the two computers.

Where to Get the Appropriate Cable

If you have ever used Windows "Direct Cable Connection" (DCC) or "Direct Parallel Incoming or Outgoing Connection" (as DCC is called on Windows XP) or a similar program to transfer data between two computers over a parallel port, you may already have the appropriate cable.

If you do not have the necessary cable to perform your migration, you can order one through our online store.  In most cases, cables ship within 24 hours via USPS First Class Mail.

You can also purchase a cable from many stores that sell computer hardware and peripherals, including the following retail dealers:

Parallel Port PC-to-PC Direct Connection Cable, 10 Feet (by Belkin)
Mfg Part #: F3D508-10-GLD
CompUSA Product Number: 143217

Circuit City:
10' Parallel Port File Transfer Cable (by Belkin)
Brand/Model: BLK F3D50810C

When Move Me users are unable to transfer data between the parallel ports of the two computers, in almost all cases the problem lies with the cable.  If you cannot get your computers to communicate, verify that you have the right cable.  "IEEE 1284 parallel cables" and "parallel extension cables" DO NOT work with Move Me.

Click here to purchase a parallel file transfer cable from our online store.