Installing Move Me on Floppy Disks

Why Install Move Me On Floppy Disks

In order to migrate your programs and files to your new computer, you must install Move Me on both the old and new computer.  In some cases you may prefer to install the program using floppy disks.  (For example, your old computer may not have a functioning CD-ROM drive or access to the Internet that would allow you to download the file.)  For this reason, Move Me is available as a set of three files that fit on two floppy disks.

How to Download and Install Move Me on Floppy Disks

To download the three floppy installation files, click on the filenames below and save the files to the local hard drive of one of your computers.




After you download the files:

  1. Copy files MoveMe_F_Setup.exe and MoveMe_F_Setup-1.bin to one floppy disk and MoveMe_F_Setup-2.bin to another.
  2. Copy the files from the floppy disks to a directory (folder) on the hard drive of the other computer.
  3. Double-click MoveMe_F_Setup.exe and follow the on-screen instructions to install Move Me.

If you are familiar with the process of unzipping compressed files with the .zip extension, you can download the files together as a single zipped file.

  1. Click here to download the file
  2. Once the file is saved on your computer, use an unzipping program to uncompress it, then copy the individual files to floppies as described above.
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