Parallel Port Migration Error

"Unrecoverable Data Error on Parallel Port"

The above error can occur during a parallel port migration with Move Me version 2.51 or earlier. The problem should not occur with version 2.52 or later

If you experience this error, download the most recent version of Move Me, install it on both computers, and re-start the migration.  (NOTE:  Files and settings that have already been transferred will not need to be copied a second time; therefore, this second migration should take less time to complete than the first one.)

If you experience this error while using Move Me 2.52 or later, consider the following:

  • A printer or some other device (such as a scanner or zip drive) may be configured to access the parallel port even when you are not using the device.  If this is the case, temporarily re-configure the driver for that device so that it does not access the printer port.
  • If Windows is configured for “Direct Cable Connection” (DCC), which is also called “Direct Parallel Incoming or Outgoing Connection” on Windows XP, Windows will access the parallel port and interfere with the migration.  If DCC is installed, disable it.

If either of these situations apply to you, correct the problem, re-start Move Me on both computers, and then start the migration again.

If the problem continues to occur, please contact us by email or our online support forum for assistance.

Even if you are able to correct the problem yourself, we would appreciate it very much if you could take a moment to email us and describe the problem and tell us what you did to resolve it.  Such information will help us to improve Move Me and prevent similar problems from occurring in the future.