Spearit Software Adds New Move Me Products

Press Release

Company Contact:
Dan Spear, President

March 18, 2003

Spearit Software Adds New Move Me Products

Toms River, NJ - Spearit Software, Inc. announced the release of several new products in its Move Me line of migration utilities for Microsoft Windows(R). In addition to Move Me Personal Edition, intended for the computer user who desires to transfer his existing programs and files to a new computer, Spearit has released Move Me Integrator Edition and Move Me Enterprise Edition for system integrators and corporations, respectively.

Move Me Integrator Edition, which includes a license for 25 migrations, addresses the unique needs of system integrators, consultants, and technicians who recommend, purchase, configure, repair, or update computer systems for others. With Move Me, computer professionals can easily add application and data migration to the list of services they offer their clients. According to Dan Spear, President and Founder of Spearit Software, "Move Me can be an effective tool for increasing hardware sales. After all, a client is more likely to purchase that new computer system you recommend when he or she can sit down at the new PC and be productive immediately."

Move Me Enterprise Edition, available with 25, 100, or 500 migrations, is intended for use within a corporate environment, where the process of updating a single computer can idle an employee for hours while draining hundreds of dollars from the company's IT budget. With Move Me Enterprise Edition, each migration requires just a few minutes of your support staff's time to set up. Depending on the number of migrations purchased, Move Me can cost less than $11.00 per migration. "By using Move Me to upgrade your new computers," Spear says, "you might save enough in IT costs alone to pay for those new PCs."

The Integrator and Enterprise Editions both include a number of benefits aimed at managing multiple migrations, including email notification of migrations used (with details on the computer migrated and number of migrations remaining on the license) and priority notification of software updates. Move Me Personal Edition is priced at $19.95; pricing for Move Me Integrator and Enterprise Editions begins at $399.00 for 25 migration licenses.

Spearit Software, Inc., a developer of software utilities, was founded in 1999 by Dan Spear. The goal of Spearit Software is to create quality software that addresses real problems faced by today's computer users. For more information about the company and its products, visit the Spearit Software web site at www.spearit.com.