Spearit Announces Beta Release of Associate This

Press Release

Company Contact:
Dan Spear, President

April 2, 2003

Spearit Software Announces Beta Release of Associate This

Toms River, NJ – Spearit Software, Inc. announced that Associate This, its soon-to-be-released utility for managing file extension conflicts, has entered its initial round of beta testing.

According to Dan Spear, President of Spearit Software, "Associate This addresses a number of problems that arise when multiple programs installed on a user's computer are capable of opening a given type of file." In one scenario, Spear says, the user attempts to open a file only to discover that it now opens in a different program than before. The Live Monitoring component of Associate This runs in the background, on the lookout for file types that have been "hijacked" by newly installed applications. When such a situation is detected, the user is notified and offered the option of reversing the change.

Associate This also assists the user who sometimes needs to display a file in more than one program. "Web designers, for example, may need to test their pages in multiple browsers to ensure compatibility," Spear explains. "The user can configure Associate This to always ask which program to use when a particular file type is opened. Alternately, the user can right-click a file and select the program to use from the context menu that appears," he says.

Associate This is designed for both computer neophytes, who do not have the technical expertise to resolve file extension conflicts, and advanced users, who work with a variety of software programs and want to be able to access all of them quickly and easily.

Spearit Software, Inc., a developer of software utilities, was founded in 1999 by Dan Spear. The goal of Spearit Software is to create quality software that addresses real problems faced by today's computer users. Associate This is Spearit Software's second product. Move Me, a migration utility that moves programs and files to a new computer, was released in December 2002. For more information about the company and its products, visit the Spearit Software web site at www.spearit.com.