Revision History

Move Me

2.53.575 - Dated 9/16/05

  1. Automatically fill in the name of the new computer for a network transfer.
  2. By default, do not migrate spyware to the new computer.
  3. Added Vista Beta 1 compatibility.
  4. Fixed network connectivity problem on computers with multiple network interfaces.
  5. Enhanced rules for improved application compatibility.

2.52.573 - Dated 11/04/04

  1. Added support for migration over USB 2.0 ports using a Laplink USB 2.0 file transfer cable.
  2. Incorported a new parallel port driver for improved parallel port migration support.
  3. Enhanced rules for improved application compatibility.

2.50.570 - Dated 9/06/04

  1. Added support for migration over USB ports using Laplink® Gold USB File Transfer Cable (USB 1.1).
  2. Improved application migration compatibility.

2.45.566 - Dated 5/20/04

  1. Enhanced the "Browse for Computer" dialog box to include Re-scan and Browse Network features.
  2. Fixed a rare timing issue that occurred when connecting over a network.
  3. Fixed an obscure focus issue that occurred when switching applications with the task bar.
  4. Fixed a problem that occurred when the user clicks "Stop" to halt the transfer but then answers "No" to the "Are you sure?" warning message.
  5. Added additional rules for improved compatibility.

2.41.565 - Dated 3/24/04

  1. Removed some diagnostic messages regarding parallel port timeouts that were inadvertently left in build 264.
  2. Incorporated an updated eSellerate (e-commerce) engine.

2.40.564 - Dated 3/14/04

  1. Added a new feature to check for updates to the software.
  2. Added new, easier to use, Web-based Validator program to verify serial number if the old computer cannot access the Internet or in rare cases where a firewall interferes with the validation process.
  3. Fixed the primary cause of parallel port timeout errors, eliminating the need to download and run stand-alone fixes.
  4. Enhanced the registration process so that multiple migrations from one machine require a single serial number verification.
  5. The registration process now occurs earlier in the migration, which simplifies the process when a cross-over cable is used to set up peer-to-peer networking.
  6. Added a new migration modification which moves Outlook Express identity and address book information from the old computer; also eliminated duplicate "Main Identity" in Outlook Express.
  7. Added XP-style buttons and dialog boxes when Move Me runs under Windows XP.
  8. Re-ordered wizard screens.
  9. Enhanced reporting of errors that occur while filling the moving van.  (New error message provides the name of the file causing the problem.)
  10. Program no longer migrates uninstalls of Windows "Hot Fixes".
  11. Fixed obscure bug in Location Mismatch Resolution.
  12. Fixed two obscure bugs that caused GPFs under rare circumstances.
  13. Fixed a bug in Startup This that prevented the icons of some disabled programs from displaying correctly.

2.32.563 - Dated 5/6/03

  1. Shortcuts in the Accessories group no longer moved to new computer by default but can be selected as a migration modification.
  2. Floppy disk installation now available.
  3. Minor clarifications made to text on wizard screens.

2.31.562 - Dated 3/27/03

  1. When the moving van is stored as a series of files during a file transfer-based migration, files are now limited to 600 megabytes or less so that each section can be burned onto a blank CD.

2.30.561 - Dated 3/11/03

  1. Improved compatibility with Windows Update when migrating to a different operating system.
  2. Increased reliability of user data entry when using the Move Me Validator.
  3. Initial release of Integrator and Enterprise multi-license versions of Move Me.

2.221.560 - Dated 2/28/03

  1. Fixed a problem that prevented Move Me from starting up on NT 4 systems with Microsoft Installer v2 installed.

2.221.559 - Dated 2/18/03

  1. Fixed a problem that prevented the Move Me Validator from verifying a serial number.

2.221.558 - Dated 2/16/03

  1. Disables print spooler during parallel port transfers on NT-based computers (NT/2000/XP) to prevent interruption of data transfer.  Spooler is re-enabled when migration completes.
  2. Fixed rare problem that might cause Move Me to connect to the wrong computer if multiple computers on the network run Move Me at the same time.

2.20.557 - Dated 2/10/03

  1. Internet access no longer required on old computer.  (Online purchase of migration and validation of serial number can be performed on old computer, new computer, or another computer.)
  2. Improved compatibility with applications installed via the Windows Installer (such as Office 2000) on migrations to Windows XP systems.

2.12.554 - Dated 1/10/03

  1. Improved e-commerce component to protect against accidental purchase of a second migration; automatically looks up serial number if lost by user.
  2. Fixed a problem that resulted in an unsuccessful migration to XP systems that include the updates made in XP Service Pack 1.

2.11.553 - Dated 12/30/02.

  1. Added a new troubleshooting migration modification that ignores Windows system directories.
  2. Fixed a problem with location mismatch resolution of extra drive letters (e.g. D, E, etc.)
  3. Fixed a problem in the Control Center related to viewing rules of a moving journal.

2.10.552 - Dated 12/17/02.

  1. Support added for parallel port transfers under Windows NT, 2000, and XP. No longer necessary to install Windows Direct Cable Connection (DCC).

2.01.551 - Dated 12/05/02.

  1. Splash screen added.
  2. Corrected moving journals for registry minor categories.
  3. Fixed rare icon bug in StartUp This.
  4. Minor cosmetic changes.

2.00.550 - Initial release dated 12/02/02.

Associate This

1.30.110 - Dated 2/18/05

  1. Serial number format changed.  All existing users must request a new serial number by sending their name and old serial number to
  2. Enhancements made to the Launch dialog:
    a)  Duplicates are not displayed.
    b)  Double-clicks are accepted.
    c)  Option added to permanently set an association to what is launched.
  3. Enhancements made to the Notification dialog:
    a)  Action takes place immediately.  (Previously, action did not take place until the dialog was removed from the screen.)
    b)  Option added to stop notification for current (highlighted) extension.
    c)  Option added to permanently reverse the program's current action for the current (highlighted) extension.
  4. Added support for the Windows Explorer "Open With" features:
    a)  Programs listed in the "Open With" menu are now included in the list of legal associations.
    b)  Integration with the "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" feature added.  (Previously, this feature would override what an application or Associate This would assign as the association.)
  5. Added many new entries to the ExtensionBase.

1.23.109 - Dated 3/16/04

  1. Added new, easier to use, Web-based Validator program to verify serial number if the computer cannot access the Internet or in rare cases where a firewall interferes with the validation process.
  2. Added new entries to the ExtensionBase.

1.22.108 - Dated 12/12/03

  1. Added data to the ExtensionBase.
  2. Fixed a bug (incorrect association set) that occurred when changing association to an invalid ID.
  3. Fixed two Open Tracking bugs (incorrect file name displayed) that occurred when an application other than Explorer launched a file.
  4. Fixed a bug with Tip of the Day that caused the tips to reset to the beginning if Associate This is reinstalled.

1.21.107 - Dated 10/18/03

  1. Enhanced the Associate This ExtensionBase.
  2. Fixed bug that caused Explorer to crash when right-clicking on a file with no association.
  3. Fixed a bug that prevented the "Allow"button from rolling back a blocked change.
  4. Fixed a bug that kept the Open Tracking feature from properly detecting files launched from applications.

1.20.106 - Dated 8/28/03

  1. New "Tip of the Day" feature gives interesting and helpful tips and tricks about getting the most out of Associate This.
  2. The ExtensionBase has been updated.
  3. Changes made to the program's registration feature.   (Owners of previous version must re-register using their original serial number.)
  4. Additional support information now displayed on the About box.
  5. The Advanced Configure Extension dialog is now resizable.

1.10.105 - Initial release dated 7/23/03.