Selecting the Best Transfer Method for Move Me

Available Transfer Methods

Move Me supports a number of different migration methods.  The following information will help you to select the method that is best for you, based on the configuration of your computers.  At least one of these methods is almost certain to work for you.

Network Transfer

Network transfer is, by far, the fastest method for migrating your data with Move Me.  If your computers are configured to communicate over a network, you should definitely do a network migration. 

If they are not, you may want to consider setting up an inexpensive network before you move your data. External USB network adapters, for instance, are easy to install and require minimal computer expertise.

USB Port Transfer

If your computers are not on a network, the next best option is to use a USB file transfer cable.  This option requires that both computers have a USB port. 

For more information on USB transfer, including a list of supported cables, click here.

Removable Media Transfer

If you are not able to perform a network or USB transfer, the next fastest method of transferring files and programs is with removable media. In order to use this method, the old computer must be able to read and write to the medium and the new computer must be able to read it.

The speed of such a migration varies, depending on the type of medium used.  Typically, however, a migration performed with removable media is much faster than a parallel port transfer (described below). 

For more information on migrating with removable media, click here.

Parallel Port Transfer

If you are unable to use one of the above methods but each of your computers has a parallel port (the port where a printer is normally plugged into the computer), you can connect them with an inexpensive parallel file transfer cable.

When you transfer your programs and files over a parallel cable, the migration will take much longer.  However, the cables are quite inexpensive and readily available.  (You can purchase one from our online store or from many online or retail computer stores.)  In addition, until very recently nearly all computers shipped with at least one parallel port and most still do. 

For more information on parallel port transfers, click here.

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